Time to redesign website

Time for a Website Redesign?

If your website is more than two or three years old, it may be a bit outdated and ready for a remodel.

The following are some of the factors that we believe are important to consider when deciding to make a site overhaul.


When users arrive at your website can they easily navigate to the information they seek?

– Is navigation clear and easy to use?
– Is the site cluttered with information and links that are no longer relevant?
– Does your site answer the questions your visitors have?
– Are there visible call-to-actions that guide users to a solution?
– Is the site responsive – enabling it to be viewed by mobile devices?

New and Fresh Content

New content not only helps to keep customers and users up to date, it also make your site more interesting. Adding content on a regular basis will also help when Search Engines are ranking the value of your site.

– Keep content concise
– Get to the point quickly
– Cut unnecessary information
– Use easy to understand words
– Avoid long paragraphs or sentences
– Your website should be easy for you to update content or upload images

Add Social Media

If you do not already link to or use Social Media on your site, it may be time.

Search Engine Optimization

Your site should be updated with consideration to Search Engine Optimization.


We recommend redesigning your website every 1-3 years
Keep your site user-friendly
Keep your site SEO friendly

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